Recent years have seen a rapid development and increasing availability of 3d printing technology. The use of this technology to produce gun components has sparked a never ending controversy that was further fueled by several tragic incidents; most importantly, the School Shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary.

The pioneers of 3d printed guns, Solid Concepts and Defense Distributed, which successfully produced and fired guns, faced immense pressure from various quarters. Lawmakers have been debating the matter in an attempt to develop a law that would supposedly keep a check on the development of 3d printed guns.

About the Author

Aaron Council holds degrees in Open-Source Architecture and Technical Welding. Based in the Pacific North West, he is the Founder and CEO of the popular An early adopter and participant in the nascent 3D printing sphere, Council was quick to realize the impact of this revolutionary technology and has been a key motivator and promoter of the possibilities engendered.