Do’s and Don’ts of Content Writing

Present A Compelling E-Book To Your Audience With web readers that just brush by and search engine requirements becoming pickier, writing web content has become extremely difficult. So, what should your average content writer be doing? Well, to help you out, here are some do’s and don’ts of content writing that will have readers engaged and search engines optimizing.

The Do’s

For a content writer to be deemed great or unique, they need to show personality in their content. Make sure that creativity, zest and a unique style is brought to the world of content writing, originality is important here. If the content isn’t engaging or interesting, readers won’t be reading about a particular item online to purchase, now would they? So, in order to attract readers, get them involved in reading the content!

Clear and Concise
Be short and to the point. Most readers nowadays will not sit and read long, boring articles. Articles that are short and simple are most likely to be read. So, its as simple as that, the more an article is clear and concise the more it’ll be read, the more it’s read, the more likely it will be that a reader clicks on a link, or browses the website or may even end up making a purchase.

SEO Keywords
Though search engines are shifting away from keywords and moving towards concept-based searches, keeping the keywords in mind would be beneficial for a content writer. Why? Well, because the content written may be one of the most interesting web content that’s on the internet, but if it doesn‘t show up on the search engine pages then no one will read it. Therefore, making sure that the correct SEO keywords are being used, this will ensure that the article will be search engine optimized.

The Don’ts

Time-based Content
Make sure that that the content written is time sensitive. A content writer needs to keep coming up with fresh ideas for certain scenarios such as, if there’s a sale that will only last for two weeks, then that sale content should not be there after the specified time period. If readers are still reading that there’s a sale and there isn’t it one, this could bring a negative impact on the image of the website. So, be very specific about time frames and dates.

Avoid the Sales Pitch
No one wants to hear a sales pitch, especially one that’s online. So, when a website is trying to offer a service or a product make sure that the relevant information is provided in a call to action tone.

Just follow these do’s and don’t and you’ll be on your way to becoming a great content writer. For more information about web content visit and experience exceptional web content.

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