Blogging: A History

Blogging: A History Given the number of blogs available online, it is hard to believe that blogging started only a few decades back. Today it is part of the online culture and has become a way for people to express themselves. Blogs have given us the power to communicate with the world. They have become the preferred method of exchanging and transmitting information for individuals and businesses.

Let’s take a look at the history of blog writing service.


The first blog writer was Justin Hall a college student. In 1994, he started an online personal diary, thus giving birth to the concept of blogging although at that time the word “blog” had not been coined.

First Blog

Later in 1997, John Barger an author and researcher coined the term “weblog”, this term was modified and shortened to “blog” by Peter Merholz a few years later. In the early days, blogging was not something that the general public took up as an activity. It was instead left to the tech savvy minds.

The First Blog Sites

In 1999, blog writing service began operations on a commercial scale. Websites such as Live Journal and Blogger were launched. These were free to use and easily accessible anywhere.

2003: The Year of Change

This is when blog writing service reached its peak. In 2003, Google purchased from Pyra Labs while Word Press was also launched and took blogging to new heights. Google also introduced a unique new feature “Adsense”, which allowed marketers to advertise on blogs..

Video Blogging

A blog writer was no longer limited to writing after the introduction of video blogging in 2004. Google even purchased “Picasa” as photo blogging gained prominence.


More progress was made in the field of blogging as Twitter a micro blogging website was launched. Facebook also took up this initiative and introduced Facebook notes. This allowed users to blog on their profiles.

Blog Expo

The exponential growth of blogging led to the first blogging exhibition which was held in Las Vegas. Blog writers from across the world met for the first time in person. This started a new trend of “blog expo”.

Recent Years

In recent years blogging has become a huge social phenomenon. According to research blog writing service is read by 80% of internet users with over 150 million blogs available online. Mobile blogging has also become popular due to easy accessibility on smart phones.

Current Scenario

Google launched a new social media platform for bloggers in 2011 by the name of Google+. It was created to compete with Facebook and other major blogging giants in the market.


Blog writers will be pleased to know that a tremendous future lies ahead of them. This is just the beginning and we expect blogging to become the pinnacle of social media communication in the future.

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