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eBook Writer

Whether it’s a free giveaway or a marketing e-book, it takes a lot of effort, time and dedication. Paul Words can save you from all…Continue Reading

Market Your Business With EBooks

Writing an e-book can be a daunting task. It’s a long process that involves researching the topic, gathering relevant information, adding your own creativity while maintain the flow …Continue Reading

Blog Writer

A blog a day will keep the customers at bay! That’s the Paul Words’ motto. We know what it takes to keep your blog live and fresh. We can come up with fresh content within the …Continue Reading

Welcome to the World of Blogging

Blogging requires commitment and fresh content. There are several businesses out there trying to sell their products/services via content marketing and the only way for you to stand out among them is by posting …Continue Reading

Present A Compelling E-Book To Your Audience

Planning to make a difference by writing an e-book? Whether you plan to hire a freelance e-book writer or write one yourself, here are a few successful tricks of the trade. Fuel Your Passion E-books are perfect outlets to express …Continue Reading

‘Sieving’ To Find the Best Writer for Hire

It would be unwise to compare the challenging task of finding the best quality content writer for your business as analogous to finding ‘a needle in the haystack’. They are out there, of course, creating a variety of professionally written …Continue Reading

Top Tips for Web Writing

Website writers are known for their ability to write on any given topic. They create a lot of content on a daily basis and contribute to the worldwide web. However, the internet is filled with bogus content and this is …Continue Reading

How to Write an E-Book

If you like writing you will love writing an E-book. It is the best way to share useful information with the general public. You can even earn money by selling your eBook services to customers, but first you have to …Continue Reading

Blogging: A History

Given the number of blogs available online, it is hard to believe that blogging started only a few decades back. Today it is part of the online culture and has become a way for people to express themselves. Blogs have …Continue Reading

What to Write?

I recently had a major issue with what I soon learned was called a writer’s block. You know that distant, numb, completely blank look you have while you’re staring into the screen? Apparently, I went to my “nothing box” and …Continue Reading

The Art of SEO

If you’re starting an online marketing campaign, you’ll have to pay close attention to SEO articles. In order for successful online marketing campaign a good marketer knows that the best way to reach your target audience is through the art …Continue Reading

Guidelines for Effective Content Marketing

Think that an eye-catching, bold homepage design is enough, well think again. Producing creative, informative, and up-to-date content is the perfect way to establish yourself as a leader in your industry as it can increase exposure, create relationships, and generate …Continue Reading

Do’s and Don’ts of Content Writing

With web readers that just brush by and search engine requirements becoming pickier, writing web content has become extremely difficult. So, what should your average content writer be doing? Well, to help you out, here are some do’s and don’ts of content …Continue Reading

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